Online IRS Tax Extension Filing 2019 - 2020 Tax Season

Online IRS Tax Extension Filing

If you just can't get to your taxes before the 2019 - 2020 April 15th deadline you can file for an IRS Tax Extension and receive an extension filing grace period to file anytime up until October 15th of the current year.

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An IRS Tax Extension form is typically filed online and you will receive a confirmation of your accepted extension from the IRS by email.

File for a IRS Tax Extension today to lock in your Oct 15th filing deadline Now!

Personal Extension IRS Form 4868

1040 Individuals

1099 Contractors
Single Member LLCs
Schedule C Sole Proprietorships

Business Extension IRS Form 7004


Multi-Member LLC's
Estates and Trust Funds

  • Most extension forms filed are quickly approved by the IRS.
  • File for your extension in minutes and get a confirmation by email.
  • You do not need to give the IRS a reason why your filing an extension.
  • Our extension filing keeps your personal info encrypted, safe, secure.

Once you have received your accepted IRS tax extension confirmation you can file your federal tax return anytime on or before the Oct 15th tax extension deadline.

Who Can File IRS Tax Extension Forms

Anyone can file for an IRS extension including individuals and businesses. The extension does not grant you a grace period to pay the taxes you owe for the year. If you can't pay the full amount due, you will be subjected to interest and penalty charges from the IRS.

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  • Extend your Form 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ due date until Oct. 15th
  • Prepare and print your state tax extension online at the same time!
  • IRS responses and confirmations are sent to you by email.
  • Rejected requests can be corrected and resubmitted until accepted.
  • You can pay taxes due electronically with your online extension.
  • Low cost extension filing is safe, secure and affordable.

Avoiding IRS Tax Extension Complications

The IRS does not need a reason from you for granting you a six month IRS tax extension to file your return late. Fact is, the IRS doesn’t even ask why you need to file for an extension. As long as you provide accurate information when you submit your extension request, the IRS will generally grant you the six month extension automatically.

Here are some tips to ensure your extension is accepted.

  • The IRS is suspicious of income tax extension requests for possible manipulation of tax returns during the 6-month grace period. Always be sure your return is accurate when filed over this extension period.
  • Make sure that when you file for an extension that you estimate tax return payments accurately with a detailed explanation.
  • An income tax extension pushes back the due date of your paperwork, but does NOT grant extra time to pay.
  • File for your extension a little earlier than the tax due date to avoid running out of time due to technicalities.
  • Properly timed IRS tax extension filing and using the proper document is important to insure acceptance.