Online IRS Tax Extension Filing 2019 - 2020 Tax Season

Estimate Tax Return Refund

Tax Time! that stressful time of the year when your wondering where you stand with your IRS tax liability. One way I have found to ease the tension is to estimate tax return refund liability ahead of time to determine whether you owe taxes or, if your calculating a well deserved refund from our old buddy Uncle Sam.

TurboTax and  H&R Block Tax Return Refund Estimation

 Estimate Tax Return Refund Free with TurboTax

 Estimate Tax Return Refund Free with H&R Block

An online tax return refund estimator is the best way to calculate tax liability prior to preparing and filing your tax return online. There are many uses for using tax estimators including:

  • Tax Return RefundEstimate your taxes due to see if you can reduce your withholding tax and still get a refund. This keeps more money in your pocket with each paycheck over the whole year, instead of Uncle Sam's.
  • Estimate your taxes any time during the year to see if your year end refund is worth planning on making an investment with.
  • Estimate your tax withholdings to make sure your paying in enough to ensure your not going to get an underpayment penalty.

Estimate 2019 - 2020 Tax Return Liability

In order to estimate tax return refunds you just need to enter in your income data along with deductions and paycheck withholdings to get your estimate. No personal identity information needs to be supplied.

TurboTax Online Tax Return FilingThis simple process for estimating tax return refunds is done online and only takes a few minutes of your time to complete. While the process is fairly simple, it can be very accurate at the same time, providing that your data entered is fairly accurate of course.

Once you have estimated your tax return refund you will get a better picture of what tax software edition will work best for you. Like online tax estimators, online tax preparation and filing is an easy process to complete as well.

Online tax estimates and tax filing are pretty much the norm now with more filers choosing to use online services for all their income tax needs every year. Try it yourself and see why it's a growing tax filing trend.

When you estimate tax return refund obligations to Uncle Sam, you can then relax knowing whether or not you need to prepare your tax return early to get your refund or, late if you don't want to send your additional taxes owed in until the last minute possible.

HR Block Online Tax Return PreparationYou can estimate your taxes several times a year to insure your on track with your tax payments to the Internal Revenue Service.

You can also use the tax estimators to determine if you need to make a paycheck withholdings adjustment if you see your paying too much or too little in to the IRS.

So to sum up your tax season, the 3 basic steps to getting through it are:

  • Collect all your tax return data including w2's, 1099's income and expense date along with your tax deductions information.
  • Use this information to estimate tax return refund figures so that you know ahead of time whether you will owe additional taxes or, if your getting a refund.
  • Choose a tax software brand like TurboTax or H&R Block that is highly rated and offers a guaranteed biggest refund guarantee. Hope this all helped, enjoy!