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You can prepare income taxes online with just about any tax software brand on the market today but, not all brands are created equal.

With all the online tax preparation programs on the market today it's easy to get confused and end up with complicated and cumbersome products that do little more than waste your time and cause frustration.

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TurboTax Online Tax Return FilingChoosing the right product to prepare your income taxes online is a relatively simple process. It requires the selection of the tax software edition that best suits your needs. Whether it be a simple free edition for the most basic 1040 returns or, more robust editions for deductions and investment, there's a perfect product for you.

Top choices over the last several decades include TurboTax the #1 selling online tax preparation software, and H&R Block another top tax filing software producer that also boasts the biggest network of local tax preparation professionals.

HR Block Online Tax Return PreparationTurboTax and H&R Block are by far the safest choices to ensure the most stress free tax preparation process. Regardless of your choice, these online tax filing programs are a great way to cut your costs during the tax season by saving money on your tax return filing.

When you choose to prepare income taxes online your joining the biggest trend in tax return preparation with millions of first time online tax filers making the move every year. Trust me, it's a smart move for you too!!!